Swiss Alpine Club SAC - Hut News


This documentation provides an overview of how to use the hut news feed.

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The following requirements apply if you want to use the Hut News.

First of all you need access to the Hub in order to create your own news for your hut. You can request access via E-Mail to
You then need to know the RSS URL in order to fetch news related to your hut. The URL is following the schema:, where 25 needs to be replaced by the ID of the hut.
The hut ID can be fetched via route portal. Head over to and search for the hut. The ID can be found within the address of the hut.
The hut with id 25 has the following address:

You than can integrate the feed into your site. The concrete requirements depend on your software stack.
There are RSS Feed Reader plugins available for CMS like TYPO3 or Wordpress. Install the plugin and add the address for the hut and insert news on the page.

Content of News

The feed complies to the RSS Specification with no additions.

Each entry has exactly one <category>. The value is: "General" or "Conditions".
Each entry has zero to multiple <enclosure> in order to provide images.

Optional Parameters

The following parameters can be provided to the URL:

provideTitle=1 in order to include an <title> tag per entry. News don't have a title by default, the title will be generated out from the content.
format=rss, format=atom request the feed as rss which is the default if parameter is omitted, or as atom.


The feed always provides the full amount of up to date current news entries.

Entries might be removed at any time which states that they are no longer valid.
Entries might be updated at any time. The <guid> can be used to identify updated entries as it stays the same.


You can request support via our feedback form: